How can we fit in all that fame?

"In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes." - Andy Warhol

I thought to myself, "Is it possible for everyone to see everyone else's fifteen minutes of fame?" The answer is clearly no. There are only 35 063 fifteen minute intervals in a year (on average). To see everyone (all 6 528 051 823 of us) currently on Earth's fifteen minute would take almost 186 181 years. Even limiting your fame to just the USA (300 921 905) still takes 8 582 years. With the life expectancy of 75 plus years the most fame that you could possibly witness is 2 670 225. Once you take into account working, eating, sleeping, daydreaming and duplicate fame viewings, I have to conclude that the audience for all these fifteen minutes of fame is going to be rather small. A realistic number of fame views per person per day would be about 4. That adds up to 102 267 fame viewings in a lifetime, which puts the average audience for each fame viewing world wide at 63 833 and 2 942 in just the USA.

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